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International Journal of Latest Research In Circuit and Electrical Technology (IJLRCET)


Call for Volume 1 ,Issue 1

:    25 February 2019
Notification :   Within 6 days
Publication Date :   28 February 2019

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International Journal of Latest Research In Circuit and Electrical Technology is peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, Bi-annual and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Circuit and Electrical Technology .



International Journal of Latest Research In Circuit and Electrical Technology



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Articles Publish under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.






Topics Covered

  • Generation and network planning
  • Reliability
  • Long and short term operation
  • Expert systems
  • Neural networks
  • Object oriented systems
  • System control centres
  • Database and information systems
  • Stock and parameter estimation
  • System security and adequacy
  • Network theory
  • Network modelling & computation
  • Small and large system dynamics
  • Dynamic model identification
  • Protection
  • Distribution systems
  • Energy economics
  • Impact of non-conventional systems
  • Man-machine interfaces
  • On-line control & switching control
  • Analysis of Hybrid Generation Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in Complex Power and Energy Systems
  • Bio-Energy
  • Building Energy Use and Energy Conservation
  • CO2 and Emission Issues
  • CO2 Capture and Storage
  • Conventional Energy Power Generation
  • Design and Dimensioning of Power Systems
  • Distributed Generation
  • Energy and Exergy Analyses
  • Energy Policies and Strategies
  • Energy Resources
  • Energy Resources Assessment
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Gasification Processes and Technologies
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
  • Impact of Climate Changes on Energy Systems
  • Integrating Renewable Energy to the Power Grid
  • International Experiences with Energy Infrastructures
  • Investment Planning for Energy Infrastructures
  • Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Planning and Operations of Power Systems
  • Power Demand Forecasting and Management, Power Market
  • Power Electronic Engineering
  • Power Forecasting from Wind, Solar and Other Renewal Sources of Energy
  • Power System Protection
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Reliability Evaluation and Risk Analysis of Power Systems
  • Renewable Energy Power Generation
  • Smart Grid
  • Socio-Economic and Power System Management
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • Transmission and Capacity Planning
  • Waste Energy Management
  • Wind Energy Engineering
  • nergy conversion
  • Power electronics
  • Electrical systems
  • AC Motors
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Asynchronous Motors
  • Electrical machines and drives
  • Optimization of electrical systems performances
  • Technology and design of electrical components
  • Control of electrical systems
  • Identification of the electric motors
  • Electro-thermal modeling of power systems
  • Electrical transportation
  • Renewable energy
  • Experimental validations of designs and controls approaches of electrical systems
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Analog Signal Processing
  • Blind Signal Processing
  • Circuits and Systems for Communication and Information Technologies
  • Circuits and Systems for Trusted Communications and Computing
  • Computer and Processor Architecture
  • Computer-Aided Network Design
  • Digital Integrated Circuits
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital System Design
  • Distributed Sensor Networks and Systems
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Embedded System and Software
  • Graph Theory and Computing
  • Low-Voltage Low-Power Circuits
  • Memristors
  • Multimedia Systems and Applications

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