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Call for Volume 1 ,Issue 1

:    25 February 2019
Notification :   Within 6 days
Publication Date :   28 February 2019

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Conference Proceeding Publication Program (CPPP)

Being appreciated for keeping its promise of Excellence in education, research and services and a true disseminator of modern scientific research, MNK Publication provide one of the strongest International open access platform for research communities. CPPP provide conference organizers a privileged platform for publishing extended conference papers as journal publications. CPPP is deliberated to disseminate scientific research and to establish long term International collaborations and partnerships with academic communities and conference organizers.
CPPP service can be used as a powerful means to increase value of the research work presented in conference proceedings by adding International reputation of MNK Publication. Being a value added service CPPP is a step towards increasing the collaboration and coordination between conference organizers, conference participants and publisher.
CPPP service benefits its partners by providing them International exposure and recognition. Best papers presented in conference proceedings are given full fee waiver. Papers selected for publication are published under open access policy of MNK Publication and are abstracted and indexed in renowned academic databases.
CPPP invite conference organizers from diversified areas of research ranging from bioinformatics, computer sciences, image processing, engineering to applied sciences and business management research. CPPP service is available for all of Journals published under open access policy.

Conference Partner Benefits

International Promotion - By placing conference logo on our website, we encourage our International visitors to participate in conference; thus increasing the number of submissions in the conference proceedings.

Call For Conference - MNK Publication provide excellent platform to share Call for Conference through

Abstracting & Indexing - Ensuring the wide dissemination of published papers through extensive abstracting and indexing is essence of MNK Publication that guarantee that all published research papers are indexed in most of the International academic databases and libraries to increase their citations and academic value of the research.

Open Access - We ensure that all published papers will be freely and permanently available since all papers will be published under Open Access publication policy .

Rules Conference proceeding publication program (CPPP)

  • We allow one conference to be partnered with one journal only. 
  • Both parties will place the conference/journal publisher logo on their websites to promote each other. 
  • Conference organizers will provide the proof of the papers selected as Best Conference Papers along with its review comments. 
  • MNK Publication reserves the right to reject the conference paper if the research quality presented is not up to the standards set by MNK Publication. 
  • Conference organizers will download the journal single-page flyer and circulate its photocopies to audience during the conference. 
  • MNK Publication require copyright transfer form from authors for their publication distribution. 
  • MNK Publication reserves the right to withdraw the name, logo, and therefore deny access to partner who do not adhere to these procedures.

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